Test systems engineering

AERTEC Solutions provides bespoke test systems to aerospace clients. Services range from specification, design and manufacturing, to integration and installation with subsequent support. These activities cover the management of all required testing infrastructures, from data and signal acquisition, to cables and connection panels etc.

How these test systems are used is also a fundamental part of AERTEC Solutions’ work, in terms of defining and executing functional tests, which are used to assess a system’s function in accordance with the design requirements, in a development or serial context. New developments are by definition new, and  therefore pose different challenges from those in serial production, which are mostly related to engineering support and troubleshooting. In either case AERTEC Solutions has accumulated thousands of hours of experience across numerous types of platforms.

  • Bespoke Test Systems engineering based on customer requirements

    • Full scope of work, from specification and design to manufacturing, installation and support

    • Functional test infrastructure manufacturing management (Acquisition and treatment of aircraft signals, cables and interconnection panels)

  • Aircraft systems functional testing specification & tests system integration with platform (fixed wing, rotary wing, UAS, etc.)

  • Functional test management software for production, maintenance and integration

  • COTS equipment hardware integration.

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