Manufacturing engineering

Production planning and control

One of the key areas in which AERTEC Solutions has provided a vast amount of support is in production planning and control. These activities range from top level master schedules, down to operational plans, through to managing production orders and job cards that are at the heart of production operations. Related to this area is an array of other support activities, such as incident management and MRB, taking responsibility for visual management at shopfloor level.

AERTEC Solutions has is the ability to provide IT solutions that significantly contribute to operations management and improvement, such as tooling and process management, successfully deployed at OEM level.


Master and operational plans

Master & operational planning includes the development of a task monitoring system for the production process, covering all areas from the main original planning provided by engineering, to performing the opportune changes of duration, order of accomplishment, quantity of resources and even the introduction of new tasks to adapt it to the daily reality of the production. We also take into account the actual availability of resources, materials, tools, shifts or any unforeseen issues that could arise. Furthermore we monitor and control the OSW of all partners, along with those that proceed from the prior stages.

Production control

The principal objective is to control the efficient management of material and production resources and identify any deviations with regard to the planning of resources and times.

    • Analysis of coverage of materials associated with manufacturing orders.
    • Launch of manufacturing orders, monitoring and closing of manufacturing orders.
    • Coordination of works, along with the operational plan.
    • Disassembly of equipment, order management / loose articles (rejections, lending and / or cannibalization).
    • Management of components, equipment and loose items that do not pass through the ELC logistic platform.

IT solutions

In order to improve processes and daily activities, sometimes it is necessary to develop IT solutions to help optimise time and resources. AERTEC Solutions has a team with vast experience in this kind of development, and with a number of proven solutions already being used in manufacturing engineering:

    • AGUILAS: Automation of planning activities in order to reduce cycle time and avoid mistakes.
    • GPM: Project manager used to monitor time, quantity and quality of deliverables required by the customer.

Production orders and job cards

The documentation produced by design areas (3D models, drawings, parts lists, etc.) is not usually prepared to be used directly in a manufacturing environment. It describes how the product will be once finished, but not the method to achieve/manufacture it.

Taking this into account, manufacturing processes are defined evaluating the engineering requirements and the necessary complementary documentation (mandatory process norms as well as additional recommendations based on our wide experience in manufacturing). Additionally, in order to carry out integral process management, it is fundamental, during this stage, to check, monitor and update every configuration (document approval and release, modifications, issue control etc.). Examples of typical manufacturing documents are:

    • Routes
    • Work orders and bill of materials
    • Technical instructions
    • Formboards
    • etc.

On-site support and “incident” management

AERTEC Solutions is a reference supplier of technical support to our clients’ final assembly lines, resolving all technical queries raised from FAL production in relation to the assembly processes, applicable routings and testing processes (ground test instructions).

During this support, the technical requirements for HNC´s (Non-conformities), Concessions, DQN´s or SI´s are analysed by our engineers and the associated work orders and documentation are then updated (AOC).

Material review board

Our experience in this field has been acquired through work carried out at several plants such as Cadiz, Seville, Getafe or Bournemouth, in all kinds of aircraft programmes.

    • Analysis of HNCs, and if necessary, prepare concession to be approved and signed by authorised client MRB engineers.
    • Analysis of HNC, writing and managing of concession / waiver forms, simplifying the work to be done for the resolution of a technical problem.



Process engineering

As businesses continually push for improvements and cost cutting programmes, processes are under pressure to perform better. Reviewing, updating and standardising the way tasks and instructions are carried out are top priority for getting more and better results in industrial processes.

Many of these activities are related to one of the clusters that Airbus has created for Manufacturing Engineering Services (in particular, time calculation). As one of the current strategy suppliers of Airbus Military, AERTEC Solutions is the only company developing these tasks across various different sites in Spain, with the objective of reducing the cost of non-quality and waste removal of the processes carried out in these plants, using Lean techniques.


Installation timing

Through its experience, AERTEC Solutions has gained extensive know-how in every activity related to manufacturing, assembly and testing processes, technical advising, monitoring and improving proposals offered to OEMs.

This process consists of:

    • Data collection through direct observation of assembly processes (standard work combination sheet data gathering)
    • Perform reports detailing added value of each operation, non-added value and non-profitable monitoring
    • Improvement proposals to eliminate waste and non-added value activities: Tactical improvement plan
    • Re-engineering of operations, creating visual work orders to improve processes, updating technical publications

Process improvement

General improvement plans are designed by our engineers analysing and offer:

    • Human resource schedule improvement plans (minimising downtime between operations, overlapping instructions, etc.).
    • Generation of detailed graphic diagrams.
    • Optimisation of repair and maintenance times for required tooling and test means.
    • Manufacturing and assembly process optimisation.
    • Supplying material in plant using just-in-time philosophy.
    • Design of new or complementary manufacturing tools.

Standard operation instructions

Creation of standard operation instructions which detail and instruct the optimum assembly sequence and methodology for all assembly tasks to be followed by operators.


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