Programme management

AERTEC Solutions has accumulated a considerable amount of experience across all of the different project management disciplines. Including: planning and scheduling, understanding development activities, following up tasks and milestones using specific tools and methods, using breakdown structures to define work packages, organisation aspects and cost control.

Being proficient in risk management, ranging from identification to follow-up using risk registers allows us to fully support aerospace companies.

Large projects often face budget pressure. Trustworthy and reliable financial information is something AERTEC Solutions is also accustomed to deliver as part of integrated project management services.

Similarly, other areas such as configuration management are within the typical tasks and deliverables which AERTEC’s engineers work with on a daily basis.

  • Project planning and Scheduling

  • Breakdown structures (WBS/OBS/CBS)

  • Risk management (including risk register and follow up of risks and actions)

  • Cost control and customised financial information

  • Configuration management

  • Project closure


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