ATIKA (Airport Touchscreen Information Kiosk Assistant) is a multi-platform, multi-device system designed to provide passengers, airports and concessionaires with interactive, real-time information.

¬ Passengers: provides useful information on the airport (flights, boarding gates, stores, restaurants, services available, notifications, etc.)
¬ Airport: offers useful, up-to-date information on passenger behaviour inside the airport terminal (behaviour patterns, groups of people gathering in the airport terminal in real time, use of facilities, etc.)
¬ Concessionaires: allows companies to administer their own information, which is shown in the system.

Some of its main features include:

ATIKA is a web-based system, meaning it does not require installing an application.
  • Passenger interaction through multiple channels.
  • Multi-language.
  • Generic and personalised flight information.
  • Airport maps (interactive map manager).
  • Passenger assistance and guide using augmented reality.
  • Interactive videoconferencing.
  • Passenger information on procedures at the airport.
  • Safety and security alerts.
  • Information on stores, leisure and restaurant services.
  • Advertising and information on the city.
  • Customised synchronization of displays with passenger’s smartphone via QR or bar code.
  • Advanced report management.


Passenger experience

By using different technologies, the system can track passengers during their stay at the airport facilities without requiring them to download an app. Passengers opting to register in the system can receive direct messages (SMS, WhatsApp, etc.) with customised, interesting information.

Moreover, the ATIKA platform is a multi-channel interactive system so it enables information to find out the passenger’s contextual location from the time the trip is booked (website, telephone, tablet, etc.) until they board the plane (thanks to sensors installed in the airport itself). This can be used to send them information that is tailored to their location, and to help them find whatever they need at any given moment through the use of technologies such as augmented reality.

The airport also acquires the capacity to anticipate crowding and movement of people or unusual service needs, allowing preventive actions to be taken in each case, leading to a better overall service.

  • Passenger tracking
  • Passenger count
  • Bot (direct instructions spoken to the device)
  • Adaptability and tools for persons with reduced mobility
    • Adaptive user interface
    • Assisted navigation for the visually impaired


Platform administration

ATIKA features a powerful administration tool for the airport to:

  • Manage users
  • Administer devices (analyse status, register new ones, administer or disable existing ones)
  • Control panel to display the current system status as well as historical data to aid in decision making.
  • Manage messages (general interest, operational or emergency messages)
  • Administer the infrastructure and its features and specify what information appears on each message and when, whether collective, grouped or individualised.
  • Manage advertising
  • Manage stores, leisure and restaurant services

Concessionaires can also administer their own information to keep the data offered about them or their products and services constantly up to date.


ATIKA is a complete, scalable system that can be adapted to each airport, allows for more efficient airport service management and noticeably improves passenger experience at the same time.




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