Airports planning & design

At AERTEC Solutions we develop engineering and consultancy services that are directly related to airport infrastructure. Among these services we offer the following:

  • Airport planning studies: These studies include masterplans and technical feasibility studies both for existing and greenfield airports.
  • Aeronautical safety studies: Focusing on aeronautical, operational and radio electrical limitation surfaces of airports, analysing the possible impacts of obstacles, along with the flight procedures, in order to determine whether the regularity and safety of operations will be affected.
  • Aircraft noise footprint studies: Determine the existing and / or potential noise footprints taking into account a range of factors such as the traffic volume, aircraft mix, flight procedures and times, orography, etc.
  • Capacity studies, aircraft simulation and / or passenger flows: Within planning or design projects, in most cases using specialist software, along with benchmarking studies of similar airports, followed by a critical analysis based on our extensive experience.
  • Design of flight procedures and airspace studies: Both for new airports and existing airports intending to expand.
  • Radar and NavAids studies: Including study of the impact of obstacles on navigation aids, along with a study on the ideal location, evaluating restrictions on operation brought about by the defined critical areas. We also develop supply studies and strategies for new equipment, covering everything from the equipment type and location to the supply and installation management.
  • Design of airfield ground lighting: Airfield ground lighting plays a critical role in the safety of airport operations. Our specialised aeronautical and electrical engineers are fully aware of the applicable international standards and offer AGL consultancy and engineering services for all types lighting(non-precision approach runways, precision approach runways CAT I, II or III). Our expertise not only covers legacy systems such as the regular tungsten-halogen lamps, but also advanced systems using LED and solar solutions, and even state of the art solutions such as A-SMGCS or alternative power supply solutions for AGL.
  • Design of concept, basic and detailed projects of airfields: The AERTEC Solutions team of professionals draw on a pool of extensive experience and knowledge, provided by aeronautical, civil, electrical and telecommunications engineers. With the skills and experience required to cover all aspects of the design of an airfield (earth movement, drainage, pavements, visual aids, NavAids, apron systems etc.), they cover all levels of detail, from concept and basic designs up to detailed construction projects.
  • Design of aircraft parking aprons: Aircraft parking apron design requires the involvement of a number of different disciplines. These areas include: pavement design, horizontal markers, lighting; specialist systems such as docking guidance systems (VDGS), pre-conditioned air (PCA); ground power supply, high mast lighting and service roads and areas. AERTEC Solutions can provide expert engineers to cover all of these different elements.



  • Terminal building design: An airport terminal building must not only be eye-catching in terms of architecture but must also combine spaces that ease processes and flows through it. Our team has undertaken numerous projects of this type at international airports around the world.
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  • Control tower design: As an aeronautical engineering firm specialised in airport infrastructure, we have also become experts in the design of emblematic aeronautical buildings such as control towers. Our capabilities allow us to act as lead consultant and engineer in the development of the entire design of a control tower, from its initial planning, establishing its optimal location and height, to the detailed design including architectural concept and basic design.
  • Project optimisation studies: As airport specialists we have unrivalled experience in the critical analysis of airport projects. In this sense we are capable of identifying any possible improvements or incoherencies in the project, along with errors and omissions, allowing the project to be optimised in subsequent phases of the project. In this same field we also develop airport operation studies, defining the most suitable project phasing structure in order to minimise impact on essential passenger terminal processes and ensure the construction process runs smoothly.
  • Airport certification: Many airports require specialist advisory services to assist them during the different certification processes required by government air safety agencies. We have considerable experience providing this type of specific technical assistance in assuring compliance to the technical legal requirements of new airport infrastructure. We also assist the airport during the development and update of the Airport Manual, and we actively participate in the implementation of the operational safety management system.
  • Operational safety monitoring plans during airport construction: Our extensive experience in construction phasing coupled with our knowledge of the day-to-day operation of an airport and the applicable standards allows us to prepare this type of plan for airport construction contractors.
  • Airport authorisation: We are specialists in the different processes required to obtain authorisation from the relevant aeronautical safety agencies. To achieve this, strict guidelines established by the relevant agency must be adhered to, producing a large quantity of descriptive and justification documentation about the installations contained in the project.
  • Design and certification of heliports and helipads: We provide integral design and planning solutions for private and public clients for helipads and heliports suitable for all types of activities, from first aid and fire fighting to maintenance and passenger transport.
  • Complete airport infrastructure construction management: The main objective of complete construction management is to provide the client with management, organisation and optimisation of all the resources involved in the construction process. The aim is to achieve a high quality finished product that complies with all requirements in terms of functionality, cost and timeframe, along with the quality standards set by the end client. All of the procedures followed for this type of complete construction management service are set out in the AERTEC Solutions quality, environment and health & safety plan, which has been certified according to UNE-EN-ISO 9001, UNE-EN-ISO-14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.


Our services cover all the different infrastructures that can be found within an airport, and all the other elements located around it that are a key part to its correct operation.


      • Runways and associated taxiways
      • Aircraft parking aprons and associated systems
      • Visual aids: AGL and signals
      • Instrumental aids: NavAids
      • Heliports

Terminal areas

      • Passenger terminals, including retail areas
      • Cargo terminals
      • General and corporate aviation terminals
      • Access, urban developments and parking (intermodal)

Airport equipment and buildings

      • Control towers
      • Electrical substations and airport electrical systems
      • Hangars
      • Fire and rescue service buildings
      • Transmitter centres
      • Multipurpose buildings for airlines, catering firms and other equipment
      • Fuel facilities, GNC, etc.



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