At AERTEC Solutions we believe in the following principles:

  • The need to invest in R&D+i over medium and long term. Leading to improved competitiveness and the development of innovative services that satisfy our clients’ needs.
  • R&D+i projects allow us to strengthen our position as a technological partner for our clients.
  • We collaborate with universities and technology centres to help with fundamental research, applying knowledge to the development and improvement of the products and services we offer to the aeronautical market.
  • R&D+i projects are also a means of collaboration with leading firms in niche markets, both at European and worldwide level.
  • Using the knowledge and experience our professionals, obtained through direct relationships with our clients, strengthening their initiative and capacity for innovation.


Technological developments and participation in international R&D+i projects

As our firm has grown as a business, we have gradually identified a diverse range of technological projects linked to the airport sector and the aeronautical industry. These projects are in line with the principles mentioned earlier, a few examples can be found below:

CENIT – CDTI projects:



2007-2010 / Application of Leading Edge Technology to Unmanned Aircraft.

Led by Boeing R&T, AERTEC Solutions participated in the design and development of a UAS (TMS) flight management system, along with a graphic interface for the management of functional tests for an aerial platform test bench.



2009-2012 / Minimum Environmental Impact Oriented Unmanned Aerial System.

Also led by Boeing R&T, AERTEC Solutions took part in the design of a UAS control and guidance system, the aim being to reduce energy consumption while being robust against possible complications.



2008-2011 / Research into Technologies for Migration Management.

Led by Telvent. AERTEC Solutions added value with its extensive experience in processes, infrastructures and airport security technologies. The project began with an analysis of the migration of people in an airport environment and was followed up by the design and implementation of different INTEGRA test elements in a real-time environment.


National projects:



2010-2012 / Design and manufacture of an operational prototype unit.

In cooperation with SAES and EXPAL, AERTEC Solutions designed a system that allows for the airborne deployment of a mine from the hold of an aircraft (C-295). The mine requires no modification for battleship or submarine deployment.



2010-2012 / Low-cost Guidance Systems for High Dynamic Aircraft.

AERTEC Solutions, in cooperation with EXPAL, carried out the design, HW & SW development and implementation of an electro-optical guidance system that uses a laser pointer to designate the target from the ground.



2009-2012 / Control Technology for Infrastructure Construction Repairs.

AERTEC Solutions formed part of a consortium, alongside AZVI, GEOLEN and HODIELSA, to develop a construction timeframe optimisation technology to avoid problems brought about by internal ruptures and cracks in concrete-based singular civil works infrastructures.



2010-2013 / Real-time assistance to decision making process for the landside of commercial airports.

AERTEC Solutions leads a consortium comprising two other companies, MCRIT and PROMAUT, in the development of a real-time management system that provides the analysis of contingencies and risks, evaluating the impact of the different agents involved in the management of an airport.


AERTEC Solutions innovation 01R&D+i also strengthens our international vocation, as we take part in different cooperation projects at European level. AERTEC Solutions has collaborated on a number of initiatives in European consortiums that took part in the 7th Framework Programme, mainly in the areas of transport, security and ICT. Some of the proposals did not result in contract awards, but nevertheless these collaborations provide a great deal of experience and help establish links with other like-minded companies and research centres.

Amongst the AERTEC Solutions’ successes on international R&D+i projects, the following can be highlighted:


TEMGIR – Thermal and electrical Mock-ups for Thermal Management of a Ground Integration Test Rig 

The TEMGIR project is working towards the design and development of Thermal and Electrical Mock-ups for the validation of the thermal behaviour in electrical air systems architecture at aircraft level.

TEMGIR delivers a thermal model of an aircraft showing both electrical and thermal behaviour, which will be able to develop any relevant condition and scenario within the different flight phases. TEMGIR has a thermal response based on its power supply which will be governed and monitored by the Control and Monitoring Software System. TEMGIR software permits the loading of equipment profiles and flight scenarios in order to simulate behaviours during the flight phase, including in special situations and aircraft locations.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) for the Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative under Grant Agreement n° [641463].


Clean Sky JTI.

Project SGO-02-024.

AERTEC Solutions forms part of the consortium for “Test bench for Endurance Test of Avionics Electrical Components”, led by THALES Avionics Electrical Systems. AERTEC Solutions developed the specifications, installation, tests and training for a test bench system, along with the development of the man-machine interfaces of the test bench.



AERTEC Solutions, as member of the international VERITAS consortium, participates as permanent Associate Partner in Lot 5 for validation tasks, and is also the only Spanish SME with this category in SESAR.


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