AERTEC Solutions was founded in Malaga in 1997, by two aeronautical engineers. Since the very beginning our link to the aeronautical sector has been constant, and specialisation has become our most authentic hallmark.

Fuerteventura Airport (Canary Islands) provided us with our first opportunity at national level in 2000, and just one year later we were awarded our first international contract at London Luton Airport, along with our first contract for Airbus Group. At that point our aerospace division was born, and since then it has not stopped growing, now accounting for half of all of our activity.

500 professionals and projects at over 100 international airports

Since then we have opened a number of new offices both in Spain and abroad. Our international vocation began from very early on, and today we have offices in the United Kingdom, France, Colombia and Portugal. We are undertaking projects in 40 countries across five continents, we are also present in the world’s leading aeronautical programmes, and we have worked at over 100 international airports. Our workforce is made up of over 500 professionals and our turnover reached more than 22 million euros during the last financial year.





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